bendu-world-class-boxing-photo-10Bendu World Class Boxing (BWCB) is a professional training camp/ USA boxing registered gym with The Olympic Committee. We aim high at BWCB, teaching the sweet science of boxing at its best and that’s what makes us different from your average boxing gym. We really teach techniques, the true art of boxing will be taught during our training sessions.

Semi Private Boxing fitness Classes (1hr training session)

Burning 700 to 1,000 calories in a hr, getting a full body workout with world class boxing technique. At BWCB we provide an intense boxing training session to revitalize your body, mind, and soul.

Work out Breakdown

Can you imagine training as if you had an actual fight coming up?? It’s the real deal at BWCB!!
Working on footwork, conditioning, timing, and rhythm

  • Boxing Stance – learning a complete boxing stance, combining technique and movement with your specific boxing style.
  • Cardio – high intensity style of training consist of a lot of cardio
  • Coordination, rhythm  & balance drills for proper footwork. Building Lean muscle, improving performance, and burning a ton of calories.
  • Self Defense – We teach certain drills in our training sessions that can be used to protect yourself, also we aim for a high level of self confidence here @ BWCB.


Bendu World Class Boxing Program

This particular program is unique, can you imagine training as if you had an actual fight coming up. This program is more mental, then we develop the system and get more to the physical side of training which is sparring… The Coaching Staff will take you from control boxing to advance technique. BWCB program is more technique and self defense drills, learning the true art of boxing – sweet science boxing.

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